VANARAI ECO CLUB 2019 – 2020


We all know that we are part of the environment we live in. And the solution to many environmental problems lies in our attitude towards the environment. Be it awareness to keep our surroundings clean or the realization to conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling wherever possible, they all are attitudinal. On the surface, it looks simple. But changing the attitudes of 130 crore people is not going to happen overnight. The best way to attempt to bring about a change in the attitudes in society is through children. They have no vested interests. They are impressionable. They are our future. They are the single most important influence in any family. With this realization, Vanarai Eco Clubs were started 16 years ago. Environment has been always our priority to work for. This year we want to create a systematic approach to carry our eco club activities in 2019 – 20, lasting for years ahead. Considering all the concerns will like to enhance the activities which are the need


  • To make children understand the environment and environmental problems.
  • To provide environmental education opportunities for school children
  • To utilize the unique position of school children as channel for awareness of the society at large.
  • To facilitate children’s participation in decision making in areas related to environment & development.
  • To bring children into direct contact with the environmental problems being faced by the society they live in and make them think of solutions.
  • To involve children in action based programs related to the environment in their surroundings.


  • Formation of Eco Club 2019 - 20:
    • Students of 7th to 9th will be the members of Eco Club and will plan and implement environment-related issues jointly with the help of Eco Guru and the Head of the School.
    • One of the Eco-Club members (Student) may be designated as Eco-Club Captain and he/she will act according to the directions of the Eco Guru.
  • Appointment of Eco Guru:
    • The Principal will designate a teacher as an Eco Guru to coordinate the eco club activities in school.
    • The responsibility of Eco Guru are explaind in – ‘Role of Eco Guru’

  • Grant to School:
    • Each Eco-Club will receive a token grant per annum through A/c payee cheques.
    • The grant will be released in November depending on participation of schools in various activities.
    • The Eco Guru shall attend the monthly meetings (every ‘Forth Friday’ of the month) organized as per the calendar.
    • The Eco Guru shall conduct the competitions in the school. The details will be provided as per schedule decided.

Role of Eco Guru

The Eco Guru of Eco-club plays a key role in the implementation of Eco Club Activities. He/ She should encourage more and more students to join the club. He/ She should take up imaginative steps to implement the activities suggested, which are relevant to school surrounding. Main functions of Eco Guru are:

  • To assemble the eco-club members every week for one hour at-least and take up some activity.
  • To encourage the students to suggest activities for the following weeks and make a list of it.
  • Make necessary preparations for their execution in consultation with the Head of the School.
  • To participate in the monthly teacher’s training programmes at Vanarai Eco hall.
  • To prepare annual activity reports in the prescribed format and submit to the Vanarai Co-ordinator before the indicated time of submission (as per calendar).
  • To maintain environment activity record register, Activity Register, etc.
  • Coordinate with the Vanarai Eco Club Co-ordinator through phone (7720056716)/ email ( for regular updates and guidance for implementing the programme.

List of Activities for Eco Clubs

The list is only suggestive; Each Eco-Club may undertake any activity related to improvement of the environment. The school Eco-club may take up any activity of their choice depending on their local conditions and course of action.

  • Organize eco-competitions, seminars, debates, painting, essay, slogan writing etc.
  • Organize popular talks, morning assembly speech on environmental issues in the school.
  • Field visits to environmentally important sites including polluted and degraded sites, wildlife parks etc.
  • Organize rallies, marches, human chains, and street theater at public places with a view to spread environmental awareness.
  • Action based activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives both within and outside the school campus.
  • Grow kitchen gardens; construct water-harvesting structures in school, practice paper recycling etc.
  • Organize awareness programs against defecation in public places, pasting posters in public places and to propagate personal hygiene habits like washing hands before meals etc.
  • Maintenance of public places like parks, gardens both within and outside the school campus.
  • Mobilize action against environmentally unsound practices like garbage disposal in unauthorized places, unsafe disposal of hospital waste etc.
  • Celebrate meaningfully the International, National and State environment calendar days like World Forestry Day, World Environment Day, Paryavaran Mahotsav, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, etc.

The eligible schools for Vanarai’s Best Environment School Award will be evaluated on active participation in Essay competition, Drawing competition, Gurubaug and Cultural Program.

ECO CLUB ANNUAL CALENDAR 2019 - 2020 Date Day of the Month Particulars
1 25 June 2019 World Environment Day
  • Annual Workshop at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • Planning of Yearly activities
  • Formation of Committees
  • Distribution of Responsibilities
  • Finalize the subject for Essay Competition
  • Plantation Activity at School (Gurubaug)
  • Lectures at school
2 26 July 2019 World Population Day
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • Seed-ball making workshop
  • Conduct Essay Competition in first week of August
  • Submit forms for ‘Lecture at school’
3 15 August 2019 Independence Day
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • Submission of best 5 essays with annexure I
  • Finalize the subject for Drawing Competition and conduct the competition in first week of September
4 27 September 2019 World Ozone Day
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • Submission of 5 best drawings with annexure II
5 25 October 2019 Wildlife Week
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • Visit Gurubaug
6 22 November 2019 Childrens Day
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • First call for Cultural Program
7 27 December 2019 National Pollution Prevention Day
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • Call for Entries of Cultural Program.
8 January 2020 First Round CULTURAL PROGRAM (The selected schools will be perform in finals)
9 January 2020 FINALS CULTURAL PROGRAM (Followed by Prize Distribution Ceremony)
10 24 January 2020 National Cleanliness Day
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall
  • Last Gurubaug Evaluation
11 14 February 2020 Padmavibhushan Dr. Mohan Dharia 95th Birth Anniversary Award Ceremony for:
  • Vanarai Best Environment School Award
  • Gurubaug Prize Distribution
  • Essay Competition Prize Distribution
  • Drawing Competition Prize Distribution
  • Best Eco Guru Award
  • Innovative School of the Year
12 28 February 2020 World Wetland Day
  • Lecture at Vanarai Eco Hall (Discuss the next year plan and changes needed)

*The above mentioned dates can change according to school holidays (if any) and will be informed time to time on Whatsapp Group and SMS

*Lecture at School - Kindly fill up the form and submit on 25th July, 2019

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