3 E programme

3 E programme

3 E programme at a Glance

AN ECO-SYSTEM that works on RESTORING the ECOLOGY through SOCIO-ECONOMIC UPLIFTMENT by planting trees that restore the depleted green cover of that region which bear economic benefit for the Villagers &Grampanchayats. This Eco-system works on EMPOWERMENT of villagers by educating, training & guiding them in the right direction.

The need for 3 E PROGRAMME

Creating a favorable ecological system is an environmental need that requires our due attention. Vanarai with its 35 years of experience have been addressing and working towards ecological restoration. We have observed that Ecological restoration happens successfully when the SOCIO-ECONOMIC condition is developing. For which, Vanarai is continuously working towards Ecological restoration through SOCIO-ECONOMICUpliftment.

Our founder Late Shri. Padmavibhushan Mohan Dhariastarted a “People’s Movement for a Green India” – his dream is to make India Sujalaam-Sufalaam. We are obliged to take his noble vision ahead and work towards achieving what he dreamt of.

We want to see our country move upwards economically. 2/3rds of India’s population resides in Rural India. Economic improvement of our country can be achieved when we collectively work towards increasing the per capita income of people in Rural India. Currently the per capita income of Rural India is around Rs.41,000/- compared to their Urban counter part which is around Rs.1,00,00/-


“The Future of India lies in its Villages” – MAHATMA GANDHI

While we all witness that people from Rural India make 40% of what the urban people make. We need to address this difference in parity;

To address this Ecological &Socio-Economic problem, VANARAI has introducedits


What is Vanarai doing?

Rural India has a strength of possessing “Land” Vanarai aims to Empower the Village in order to benefit from this strength optimally. Developing any land into a Green Landscape the first and foremost thing is to have adequate water to support this Development.

Vanarai first focuses on water conservation that intends to benefit the villagers to have

  1. Year round Drinking water availability
  2. Adequate water for farming – taking extra harvests as compared to the past
  3. Adequate water supply for Household needs
  4. Excess water for plantation activity – SETTING THE BASE FOR 3 E PROGRAMME

Water being a basic necessity after being made available; it opens door for improving the income sources of Villages. This is where the 3 E programme comes into play. A PROGRAMME THAT CREATES A “PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT FOR A GREEN INDIA”

Next step is Research; our plantation experts visit the designated villages and share their plantation proposal keeping in mind the Ecological & Economical contribution that we seek.

Post which Vanaraideploys its funds and manpower to execute the project at hand.

Current project at hand

5 Villages namely


Taluka.Shirwal/ Khandalapargaon region, District. Satara, State. Maharashtra

Were undertaken by Vanarai in 2016 to increase the Water availability. This laid a perfect foundation for VANARAI’S 3 E programme.


It is very difficult for everyone to do the ground work that organizations like Vanarai do, but we can certainly facilitate them to help uplift the SOCIO – ECONOMIC situation of RURAL INDIA. VANARAI has a plan to plant trees in these 5 villages that will positively uplift the ecological balance of that region & even improve the economic condition.

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