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Community Farming

Vanarai volunteers after motivating the farmers the importance of Community farming, we were successful in imbibing the idea.

Community farming approach by Vanarai was implemented on pilot basis Sangve village in Sangameshwar taluka of Ratnagiri district, where 28 individual farmers have removed their farm boundaries and farming together on 64 acres of land. Due to community farming the income per acre has increased from 18000/- to 31,000/- per acre in the first year. This year they have done banana plantation on 64 acres of land with water availability due to water conservation activities carried by Vanarai. We believe the income will be much more.

To bring sustainability to agriculture the methodology followed is as follow - Soil testing, Deciding the crop, Nutrient requirement and Intermediate cropping pattern using modern techniques, the doubling of farmers is possible.

This approach is important due to the fact of decreasing landholding of farmers day by day with small farms becoming non profitable. Hence, this idea of Community Farming could be a way ahead for 'Doubling Farmers Income' and creating employment opportunities within.

Cluster Approach

Vanarai gram cluster approach is a contiguous group of 5 - 10 villages comprising of 4000 to 6000 households who are motivated to participate in holistic development through introduction of multidisciplinary interventions for income generation and for improving the quality of life.

With the people participatory approach Vanarai works as nodal agency between villagers and other development agency. The approach is multitudinal in nature which enhances economies of scale. It facilitates the provision of input supply, processing and marketing points and facilities, as well as other services.

We think that instead of developing singular villages it is necessary to develop a cluster of 5 -10 villages. Such cluster will act as a nucleus of development. It will have better spread effect. Villages around such cluster will benefit from the developmental effects. More employment will be generated in the area.

The tangible advantages of Cluster development approach –

  • Integrated effort towards Livelihood generation
  • Vulnerable group would be benefitted by various skill development options
  • Specific Market Benefit to small farms
  • Convenient way of delivering developmental services
  • Human Development Index would improve in the long run.
  • Creation of Viable, equitable and sustainable village institution
  • Innovative way of integrating all components in Agri-value chain
  • Skilling of various heterogeneous group will give rise in nonfarm livelihood activities e.g. - Automobile repair and auto parts shop; Agro-mechanical services etc.
  • We expect reverse migration to take place after implementing all development activities in a period of two-three years

We are trying to develop pilot cluster of villages in Khandala Taluka Satara District. If this cluster model is successful it could prove to be a replicable Vanarai model in different geographies. 13

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste Management project is being implemented in Pirangut (Pune) through this project we are emphasizing on behavioral change in people and segregating waste effectively, trying to eliminate the waste dumping habit.

Through this project awareness in villages and the importance of segregating the waste, proper collection methodology is also been implemented resulting into minimal dumping of waste.

The above project commence from May 2018 and the results are encouraging as below:

The wet waste collected is being converted to compost and the local farmers are taking advantage of the same whereas the dry waste is bailed and sent for further processing.

We in Vanarai believe this low cost waste management model of Vanarai could be replicated in all the villages having more than 20,000 population where the waste generated is 1.5 ton or more per day.

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