125 Hectares of wasteland was covered by planting trees, resulted into a successful model of afforestation. It also helped nearby areas with fresh air, keeping the environment healthy.
Number of plants per acre is 1200.
Total plants planted 1,50,000
Survival rate of 89.3% (against government survival percentage of 8 - 10 %).


Horticulture training was extended to farmers using modern technology and new experiments for better and healthy yield was done successfully on 720 hectares. The fruits grown are getting exported and farmer's income has increased in many folds. Many nearby farmers got inspiration and are adopting similar techniques.

Kitchen Garden

35 Households developed Kitchen Garden as demonstration units in their backyard with various natural species of vegetables and fruits. Due to this activity waste water is getting utilized reducing dirty and filthy conditions around the village.

Joint Forest Management (JFM) projects were executed in Devadi, Gokawadi and other villages in Satara and Amravati District.


All the above activities have helped in combatting the issue of Global warming and has impacted in various forms like improved oxygen percentage in air, reduced soil erosion to great extent and also improved water holding capacity resulting recharge of underground water table creating green cover.

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