Ghadivada, a Vada within Amona Village, Goa. This community has around 25 households, out of which 12 families are below poverty line. They have very basic facilities at their disposal, 20 years back; the Grampanchayat constructed a common infrastructure with 2 individual toilets for these 12 households (35 – 40 family members). 

Since that time, there has been no up gradation or up keep of the infrastructure. When Vanarai saw the condition of these toilets while starting Village development work, there were many problems that were witnessed related to the condition of these toilets. The drainage was not up to the mark, the pipelines were damaged & improper doors made it very difficult for people to use them especially for women. Open defecation started increasing for the members of these 12 households.

Vanarai decided to address this situation by re-constructing these toilets to ensure proper sanitation, water supply, security & privacy while using these toilets. During the initiation of re-construction work, as per the need of the villagers; the planning of Indian style was done for both the toilets, which was adjusted to one Indian and one western style. This was majorly due to the physical limitations faced by the elder section of the community. Understanding problems, needs & challenges was key towards adjusting the initial plan. 

However, the highlight of this whole activity is the people’s participation. Villagers who were facing these problems for many years, understood the importance of what is being done for them. In these years they even learned the importance of proper maintenance related to hygiene of the toilets and adequate up-keep that is required. These 12 families took the responsibility of keeping the toilets clean, washing them and ensuring proper sanitation. Every day one household (family) takes the responsibility of keeping the facility clean and up-to the mark. A household that cleans the toilet today has to do the same on the 12th day. This system is followed properly by these households and they even contribute towards the consumables that are required to ensure proper sanitation & hygiene is maintained.

A Classic story of uniting for collective good!