Continuous Contour Trenches (CCT)

1,34,275 nos. of trenches are constructed so far conserving 20,14,12,500 liters of water.
Area covered 485 Hectares.
The trenches are filled at least 4 - 5 times in monsoon season.
Per trench water conserved is 1500 liters.

Cement Nala Bund (CNB)

70 Bunds are constructed and water conserved is 6,30,00,000 liters.
Additional 1750 hectares of land came under irrigation.
Benefitting 1400- 1500 farmers.
Additionally water was available for Cattle. Increasing in their yield.

Loose Boulders

6418 boulders are constructed and water conserved is 7,70,16,000 liters.

Farm Ponds

2 Farm ponds were constructed by us however under Government Schemes many farm ponds were created.

Impact :

All the above watershed activities have shown good impact. Soil conservation as well as the ground water table and also surface water levels have increased. In turn, helped the villagers for reducing the drinking water problems of villager, and their livestock and the surplus water was used for additional crops increasing the income. Most significantly, the watershed activities were carried out with people's participation. Creating a sense of ownness and the positive step is the villagers are maintaining the structures by themselves.

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